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Stanley Cup Odds 2011: Detroit Red Wings 9/1 Favorites To Win Title

Out of the 16 teams in the 2011 NHL playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings are the sixth most likely to win the Stanley Cup, according to The site released its Stanley Cup odds in advance of the start of the playoffs on Wednesday, and the Red Wings come in as 9/1 favorites to take home their 12th championship in franchise history.


The clear-cut favorite to win the 2011 Stanley Cup is Vancouver at 3/1 odds. Next in line are the Washington Capitals (11/2) and San Jose Sharks (7/1). The Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins are just ahead of Detroit at 8/1 and 17/2, respectively.


For the Western Conference specifically, the Red Wings are 9/2 favorites to take home the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, which goes to the West's representative in the Stanley Cup final. The Canucks and Sharks are the top two favorites to advance out of the West.


As you probably could have guessed by now, the Detroit Red Wings are the favorites to win their series with the Phoenix Coyotes. On the moneyline, Detroit is -200 and Phoenix is +170.