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Dan Cleary: Johan Franzen 'Hates The Regular Season'

Red Wings forward Johan Franzen extended his postseason scoring streak to 13 games on Wednesday with a goal and an assist against the Phoenix Coyotes. Afterwards, teammate Dan Cleary speculated on how Franzen keeps turning it on when the playoffs come around:

"He just hates the regular season, I think," Cleary said. "We all know how important he is to our team, and when he's going, he's very hard to stop. He gets on this roll, and it's just complete dominance, physically and skating, because he's so powerful with and without the puck. And his shot is lethal.

Well, he doesn't hate the regular season completely, anyway. Franzen led the team in goals with 28, but went into a long scoring drought in the latter half of the season, scoring just twice between Feb. 2 and the end of the regular season last weekend. But the playoffs have been a different monster when it comes to the "Mule." Follow after the jump to see exactly how dominant Franzen has been the past couple years in the NHL's second season.

Johan Franzen's Last 13 Postseason Games
4/13/11 PHX: 1 goal, 1 assist
5/8/10 SJ: 1 A
5/6/10 SJ: 4G, 2A
5/4/10 SJ: 1A
5/2/10 SJ: 1A
4/29/10 SJ: 1G, 1A
4/27/10 PHX: 1A
4/25/10 PHX: 1A
4/23/10 PHX: 1A
4/20/10 PHX: 1A
4/18/10 PHX: 1G
4/16/10 PHX 1A
4/14/10 PHX 1A

Note: Helene St. James has the streak at 14 games in the above link, but the streak is actually only 13 games. The last time Franzen failed to pick up a point in a playoff game was Game 7 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, otherwise known as The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned.