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Video: Pavel Datsyuk's Between-The-Legs Shot On Goal

Saturday afternoon was yet another offensive showcase for the Detroit Red WingsPavel Datsyuk, who tallied four points in a 4-3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes in Game 2 of their NHL playoff series.

But Datsyuk made the flashiest play of the Stanley Cup Playoffs thus far on the Wings’ third goal of the game. At center ice, Datsyuk chipped the puck past the Coyotes’ Keith Yandle and exploded forward to catch his own pass. Yandle tried to steer him wide of the net, after which Datsyuk shot the puck between his legs at Ilya Bryzgalov. The Phoenix goaltender made the stop, but Darren Helm was there to snatch up the rebound and stick it past Bryzgalov for the score.

That’s about as well as the play can be described with words. But seeing it for yourself is much better. Here’s a clip from the CBC broadcast:

(Hat tip to Puck Daddy)