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NHL Playoffs 2011: Updated Scenarios For Which Team The Red Wings Will Play Next

The Red Wings have three potential opponents in the second round of the 2011 NHL playoffs: San Jose, Nashville and Chicago. Who will they end up playing? SB Nation Detroit examines the different scenarios.

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On Sunday, I ran through the different scenarios for which team will be the Detroit Red Wings' opponent in the second round of the 2011 NHL playoffs. Following the games that took place after the post went up, the scenarios haven't changed too much.

On Sunday, the Vancouver Canucks choked again and lost in overtime to the Chicago Blackhawks, meaning that series is headed to a seventh and deciding game. The Nashville Predators, on the other hand, did not choke and closed out their series with the Anaheim Ducks. This is the Predators' first series win in team history.

The results of those games keep the scenarios (see below) where the Canucks lose alive and also clear up which team the Red Wings would play should one of the top two seeds in the Western Conference (Vancouver or San Jose) be eliminated.

Canucks win, Sharks win: If Vancouver can prevent the Blackhawks from becoming the fourth team in NHL history to come back and win a series after trailing by a margin of 3-0 and the Sharks don't choke away a 3-1 series lead to the Kings, Detroit will go up against San Jose. The Sharks will have home-ice advantage if this scenario plays out and the Canucks will meet the Predators in round two.

Canucks win, Sharks lose: Vancouver advancing and San Jose being eliminated will make the Red Wings the second-highest seeded team still alive in the Western Conference. As a result, Vancouver will play the seventh-seeded Los Angeles Kings and the Red Wings will get home-ice advantage against the division rival Nashville Predators.

Canucks lose, Sharks win: Just like the previous scenario, the Red Wings will play the Predators and get home-ice advantage if the Blackhawks eliminate Vancouver and the Sharks advance. San Jose will play Chicago, the lowest seed in the Western Conference, and Detroit will draw Nashville.

Canucks lose, Sharks lose: If a pair of choke jobs happen and both the Canucks and Sharks get eliminated, the Red Wings will be the highest seeded team left in the West. As a result, this scenario has them playing the No. 8-seeded Chicago Blackhawks. The Predators will shockingly get home-ice advantage in this scenario as a No. 5 seed in their matchup with the LA Kings.