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Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi, Dan Cleary Suffered Concussions In Game 7

To beat the San Jose Sharks, the Detroit Red Wings would have not only had to overcome a 3-0 series deficit, but they also would have had to overcome three key injuries in Game 7. One was not having Johan Franzen, who missed his second game in a row with an ankle injury. The two others were concussions that happened during the game.


The first concussion came in the first period. Todd Bertuzzi suffered it after delivering a hit on Dany Heatley. Bertuzzi's helmet collided with Heatley's on the hit, and at the next stoppage Bertuzzi skated across the ice to the dressing room. He obviously didn't return to the game.


The second concussion was suffered by Dan Cleary in the second period. Jiri Hudler collided with Cleary and delivered a shoulder right to Cleary's head. If an opposing player was responsible for the hit it's the type of play that would be reviewed by the NHL for a potential suspension. It was that bad of a hit, and Cleary looked like he was knocked out. Once he was able to get up, Cleary needed help to get to the dressing room.


The Red Wings have nothing to be ashamed of for coming back from a 3-0 series deficit only to be defeated in Game 7, especially after losing three of their top forwards either before or during the game. It was tough enough not having a healthy Franzen, but the Red Wings were dealt an even bigger blow when Bertuzzi and Cleary went down.