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Red Wings Schedule Wednesday Press Conference With Brian Rafalski

The Detroit Red Wings have announced they will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 11 a.m. (ET). Defenseman Brian Rafalski and general manager Ken Holland are scheduled to be at the press conference in order to "discuss (Rafalski's) future with the organization."

On Monday, reports emerged stating that Rafalski will retire sometime this week. Later, a report specified that the decision to retire will be announced on Wednesday. Holland quickly denied that he was informed of a decision in order to contain the story, but with multiple reports confirming the news it was pretty obvious Rafalski had decided to call it a career.

Now that this press conference has been scheduled, it does indeed look as though Rafalski is set to retire after four seasons with the Red Wings and 11 seasons in the NHL. The press release the Red Wings sent out detailed Rafalski's career, providing another indicator that the topic of the presser will likely be retirement.

The Red Wings' official website will stream the press conference live.