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Chris Osgood Is '100 Percent Healthy'

Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood had a rough 2010-11 season that was hampered by injuries. He had surgery in the middle of the season and was unable to return after the procedure was done. A couple times it looked like Osgood would be back before the end of the regular season, but he suffered setbacks and wasn't healthy until the playoffs rolled around.

Joey MacDonald served as Jimmy Howard's backup during the playoffs, but Osgood was ready to go if he would have been called upon, according to his agent.

"He’s 100 percent healthy. He’s never felt better. He was ready to go at the end of the season," Thompson told Sporting News. 

Osgood is expected to meet with his agent early next week to talk about the possibility of playing next season. Osgood is healthy enough to continue, but like many Red Wings, retirement is on his mind. Red Wings GM Ken Holland expects a decision from Osgood in the next couple weeks.