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Jaromir Jagr Can't Sign With NHL Team Until July 1

All seems to be quiet on the Jaromir Jagr front for the time being. Last week, we learned that Jagr won't be able to sign a contract with an NHL team until free agency opens on July 1. It's not expected a decision on which team he will sign with will wait until July 1, but nothing will be official until then.

In the meantime, Jagr's agent has at least made it clear his client is almost certainly returning to the NHL, ruling out another season in Russia.

"It is going to be the NHL,'' Svobda said. "Something (unexpected) would have to happen for him to go back to Russia. I'd say it's 99 percent certain he'll play in the NHL.

Ken Holland recently said that the Red Wings want to hear from Jagr about a decision by July 1. They want to know what Jagr's plans are so they can formulate their own plans for free agency.