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Jaromir Jagr Rumors: Deal With Penguins Already In Place

Jaromir Jagr was expected to announce a decision on Wednesday about his NHL future. He was scheduled to fly in to New York in the afternoon, and earlier in the day his agent said we would be informed of which team Jagr plans to sign with shortly after.

Rumors came and went and by the end of the day nothing official had been announced. No information about Jagr was out there other than the news that the Red Wings, Penguins and even his agent were all waiting to hear from him.

So far on Thursday, things aren't too much different. Jagr's agent has provided an update on where things stand, but nothing official has happened yet. In fact, the only really noteworthy thing that has come out is this report from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

The Penguins had not heard back from Jaromir Jagr as of late Wednesday, according to general manager Ray Shero.

But longtime acquaintances of team co-owner Mario Lemieux and NHL agents told the Tribune-Review an agreement was in place even as Jagr flew from the Czech Republic to the United States.

The expectation throughout Wednesday was for Jagr to fly to New York and then fly to Pittsburgh to make his return to the Penguins. That never happened, and despite rumors about a deal being in place, the Jagr camp doesn't seem ready to commit to anything being set in stone just yet.