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Jaromir Jagr News: More Teams Showing Interest, According To Agent

If you're enjoying the seemingly never-ending Jaromir Jagr watch, I have good news for you. According to Petr Svoboda, Jagr's agent, a decision will now only be made "in the next few days." Originally a decision was supposed to be made Wednesday afternoon, but Jagr essentially disappeared. On Thursday the thinking was a decision could be made, but once again nothing happened. Now this thing could stretch into the weekend.

The reason for Jagr taking more time to make a decision likely has to do with the fact that he is apparently generating more interest in the NHL. At first it appeared that only the Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens were competing to land Jagr's services, but Svoboda claims the list of interested teams is growing.

"There's a lot more teams now we're talking to," Svoboda told Thursday evening.

The Red Wings had hoped to get a decision from Jagr before free agency begins on Friday. That looks unlikely, but as long as they have room, Detroit seems to be willing to wait for Jagr's decision.