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Nicklas Lidstrom Talks Decision For Next Season, Helps Kid Rock Announce Concert

Last week, Nicklas Lidstrom and Chris Chelios helped Kid Rock announce a concert scheduled for Aug. 12 at Comerica Park. The press conference took place on the beach, and Lidstrom, Chelios and Kid Rock actually arrived on paddleboards.

While on the beach for the presser, Red Wings TV caught up with Lidstrom to ask him about his decision for next season. Below is a video of the brief interview.

Lidstrom said there is "nothing new to report really." He has talked to Ken Holland and Mike Babcock about making a decision by July 1, and he said that is essentially his deadline. Lidstrom added that he just got back from a week-long vacation and still had not made up his mind as of the time of this interview (last Thursday).

Although Lidstrom's deadline to make a decision is July 1, I'd bet on him making up his mind before the NHL Entry Draft begins on June 24. If Lidstrom is going to retire, Holland could spend time at the draft formulating trade offers, so it would be important to know one way or another before the front office heads to Minnesota for it.