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Jaromir Jagr News: Red Wings Out Of The Running

Had Jaromir Jagr made up his mind about which team he wanted to sign with on Wednesday like he originally planned, he could have played for the Pittsburgh Penguins or Detroit Red Wings. It is now Friday and still no decision has been made, and it turns out his indecision has cost him both of those opportunities.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were the first team to withdraw their offer from Jagr, and shortly after the Detroit Red Wings followed suit and took themselves out of the Jagr sweepstakes. As Nick Cotsonika said on Twitter, Detroit and Pittsburgh were only going to take the risk of signing a guy like Jagr if it was on their terms. Because Jagr and his agent apparently tried to get a bidding war going, both teams said screw it and moved on.

What this means for Jagr is that the Montreal Canadiens may be the only team that still wants him. They, like the Red Wings and Penguins, offered Jagr a deal. As far as we know, that offer from Montreal is still on the table and has not been pulled. That could obviously change, but with the Red Wings and Penguins out of the mix, it may be easier to sign Jagr.

Of course, Jagr may now just decide to return to the KHL. All along that has been considered the backup option if things fell apart, and with both the Penguins and Red Wings pulling their offer, I would say that's exactly what has happened.