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Jaromir Jagr Signs With Philadelphia Flyers

After having contract offers pulled by both the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins, Jaromir Jagr signed a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers. Originally it looked as though the Montreal Canadiens were the only other team in the mix after Jagr had his offers pulled, but the Flyers made a late run and signed him.

Jagr's deal with Philadelphia is worth $3.3 million. The Penguins offered him a deal worth only $2 million, and the Red Wings' offer was thought to be in that neighborhood as well. It's pretty surprising that the Flyers gave him such a big deal, especially after Jagr's other offers were off the table.

Ken Holland gave a brief update on what happened with Jagr after news broke that the Red Wings pulled their offer, and his comment makes a whole lot more sense now that we know how much Jagr got from Philadelphia.

"We made an offer and he doesn’t want it, so we’re done."

All I can say is I'm glad the Red Wings didn't overpay for Jagr like the Flyers seem to have done. It's one thing to overpay for young players at a position of need, but to give a guy like Jagr $3.3 million is insane, even if it is for only one year.