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Red Wings Could Still Re-Sign Chris Osgood

The Detroit Red Wings' final major need this offseason is to sign a backup goaltender. Some of the Wings' options include signing free agent Ty Conklin, re-signing Chris Osgood for one more season or making a trade to fill the need.

Based on everything Red Wings general manager Ken Holland has said over the last month, it seemed like re-signing Osgood was the least likely option to actually happen. Holland has made it sound like the team would prefer to go in a different direction because the risk of signing Osgood is too high with his injury issues. Now, though, Holland is making it clear that if the Red Wings have to bring back Osgood, they are okay with it.

"The market for goalies is pretty picked over," Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said. "We're comfortable with Chris Osgood if we have to do it."

It sounds like Osgood is the Red Wings' last resort, but I doubt he minds all that much. If Detroit can't make a trade or opts against signing a free agent like Conklin, I'm sure Osgood will be more than happy with being the last resort if he ends up getting to come back for one more season.