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Ken Holland Won't Make Decision On Red Wings Backup Goalie Until Later This Week

On Tuesday, rumors were circulating about how the Detroit Red Wings had agreed to terms with goaltender Ty Conklin. While nothing was official, the rumors at least made sense considering the Red Wings still need to add a backup goalie and had recently talked to Conklin.

It's entirely possible Conklin will be signed at some point, but contrary to the rumors, nothing has happened yet. Red Wings general manager Ken Holland confirmed this on Tuesday afternoon, saying that nothing will be decided until after he speaks to Chris Osgood.

"Nothing's happened. I want to wait,'' Holland said. "There's not a lot of options, but there are some options. I'm hoping to talk to Osgood in the next few days and then we'll make our decision.''

Osgood is on vacation in Scotland with other Red Wings players to golf and celebrate his 400th career win. He is set to return on Saturday, so it's likely we will hear something about the backup goalie situation this weekend or early next week.