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Plane Carrying KHL Team Of Former Red Wings Ruslan Salei, Brad McCrimmon Crashes

The KHL team Lokomotiv was involved in a deadly plane crash on Wednesday in Russia. The team is coached by former Red Wings assistant Brad McCrimmon and has former Red Wings defenseman Ruslan Salei on its roster.

A plane carrying Lokomotiv, a KHL team, crashed in Russia on Wednesday. There are conflicting reports on the number of people who died in the crash, but the number is believed to be in the range of anywhere from 36 to 43.

Lokomotiv's head coach is former Detroit Red Wings assistant Brad McCrimmon. He was hired in May after mutually parting ways with the Red Wings.

One of the players on the team is former Red Wings defenseman Ruslan Salei. He spent the 2010-11 season with the Red Wings and took up an offer to join McCrimmon on Lokomotiv in July. Stefan Liv, a former Red Wings goalie prospect, is also on the Lokomotiv roster.

Currently it's not confirmed who from Lokomotiv was on the plane that went down. There are a number of conflicting reports, and as of an hour ago, Red Wings coach Mike Babcock hadn't heard anything about the status of McCrimmon or Salei. Until something is confirmed one way or another, there's no use in speculating about who was or wasn't on the plane.