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Plane Crash Kills Former Red Wings Assistant Brad McCrimmon

Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock has confirmed that former assistant Brad McCrimmon was on the plane that went down in Russia on Wednesday. McCrimmon was killed in the crash, as were more than 40 others. Most of the people killed in the crash were members of the KHL team Lokomotiv, which McCrimmon coached.

Currently it has not been confirmed if former Red Wings defenseman Ruslan Salei was on the plane. Salei plays for Lokomotiv, but there are conflicting reports about his whereabouts. Some state that Salei was already at the team's destination, whereas others are saying he was on the plane.

It's worth noting that SovSport in Russia is reporting that Salei is on the list of people who were killed in the crash (via Dmitry Chesnokov). Originally his name was absent from the list, but he is now on there. Nothing has been confirmed in the United States about Salei, but the Russian outlet reports that he was on the plane and has died.

Below is video of Babcock and Nicklas Lidstrom addressing the media about this news.