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Former Red Wings Defenseman Ruslan Salei Killed In Plane Crash

The plane crash on Wednesday involving the KHL team Lokomotiv killed three people with connections to the Red Wings: former assistant coach and player Brad McCrimmon, former goalie prospect Stefan Liv and former defenseman Ruslan Salei.

Salei's death was confirmed earlier in the day by the general manager of the KHL team Dinamo Minsk. Before the news was confirmed, there were conflicting reports about Salei's whereabouts and if he was on the plane that crashed. Some reports stated he was already at the team's destination and wasn't on the plane, whereas other reports placed him on the list of the people who died.

Unfortunately, the reports stating that Salei was killed in the crash turned out to be the accurate ones. He, along with 42 others, were killed in the crash. Two people initially survived the crash, but both people are in critical condition and there have been reports that Alexander Galimov, a player, has since passed away.

The other survivor is a reportedly a flight engineer, meaning essentially the entire Lokomotiv team has been wiped out by this tragedy.