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Detroit Trying To Have Second Rink For Winter Classic Events

The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs are just about set to finalize all of the details regarding their Winter Classic matchup in 2013. The event will go down at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, but ESPN is reporting that another rink is being considered in downtown Detroit, for all events outside of the Winter Classic would be played. While the event itself will be in Michigan's "Big House", that's 43 miles west of Detroit, and the city wants to be involved in the event as much as possible.

So a second rink is being proposed for Comerica Park, where events similar to 2012's alumni game, which drew 45,000 fans. The rink was used for other things, like an American Hockey League game, and other hockey and skating events during the time frame. A rink in Detroit would have similar events, perhaps including the Great Lakes Invitational tournament, on top of that.

The negotiations are still underway, between the cities involved, the league and the Red Wings. Detroit just wants to make sure they're in on the action, and want the event associated with their city, not just Ann Arbor.

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