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Denard Robinson Announces He'll Return To Michigan For Senior Season

Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson visited with the NFL Draft advisory board in early January to discuss a potential move to the NFL. It was regarded as sort of a "covering his basis" kind of move, as he himself stated. Now, it looks like that's most definitely true, as he's announced that he's going to return to Michigan for his senior season, along with J.T. Floyd.

The official Michigan Football Twitter account had some quotes from Robinson:

"It's been a dream to play in the NFL, & hopefully after next year that becomes a reality, but I wouldn't pass up being here w/ my teammates & coaches for anything. It's my second family. I love my teammates, I love Michigan. ... Seeing how the seniors led our team this year, I want to be that type of leader for Team 133. ... We made steps and had a good season, but we didn't accomplish our No. 1 goal. We're still hungry

None of this is a surprise, but it's good to have confirmation. Neither Robinson nor Floyd were deemed likely to leave for the NFL, and both were expected back to the Wolverines. Robinson also wants to improve his draft stock, and with a 2012 draft that's already dominated at the top by quarterbacks, it's likely a good decision to be coming back to Michigan.

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