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No Suspension For Henrik Zetterberg After Ejection Vs. Blue Jackets?

About half way through the third period of last night's Detroit Red Wings win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, forward Henrik Zetterberg received a five-minute game misconduct for this [via KuklasKorner]:

While it looked bad, as the totally unbiased Detroit announcers correctly say there does not appear to be any intent, and Zetterberg is simply not that kind of player. Darren Dreger of TSN agrees and doesn't think there will be any supplemental discipline:

Regarding Zetterberg. Thanks. RT @DarrenDreger: @kuklaskorner. There will be no sup discipline. View is there was no intended shove.
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Zetterberg knows it's up to the league disciplinarian and former teammate, though:

Zetterberg knows he’s going to hear from his former teammate, NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan. He said he hoped to reach out to Nikitin before the Blue Jackets left Joe Louis Arena, too: "You know what – it’s up to Shanny, it’s up to Shanny," Zetterberg said. Shanny and the league is going to review this and see what they feel. The rule is the rule, I made contact and he went down. Hopefully he’s OK, I didn’t mean to hurt him and we’ll have to wait and see."