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2012 NHL All-Star Draft: Rules, Roster And Red Wings

The NHL All-Star Draft will be held Thursday night. Here's a recap of how it works and what to watch for.

Thursday night the NHL will hold the second-ever NHL All-Star Draft, which will determine the rosters for Sunday’s 2012 All-Star game.

The draft will be televised at 8 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

Unique to professional sports, the NHL All-Star Draft has some nuances. First off, there are two captains – this year, they are Daniel Alfredsson of Ottawa, which is hosting the event, and Zdeno Chara of the defending champion Boston Bruins. After a coin-flip determines who selects first, Chara and Alfredsson will alternate picks, choosing from a pool of players selected by fans.

Here is a list of the players who will be up for selection. The Red Wings who made the cut are Pavel Datsyuk and Jimmy Howard. Datsyuk is fourth in the league in points, and Howard is seventh in save percentage (.926) and second in shutouts (five).

Nicklas Lidstrom was also selected, but the 41-year-old has opted out of the game.

Each team must consist of three goaltenders, six defensemen and 12 forwards.

While getting picked last may be somewhat inglorious, Mr. Irrelevant is compensated: The NHL Foundation and the NHLPA Goals & Dreams fund will each donate $10,000 on behalf of the final pick to a charity of his choice. and the Calgary Sun have drawn up mock drafts guessing how things might transpire.

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