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Red Wings NHL Trade Deadline 2012: Detroit Trades Mike Commodore To Tampa Bay For Conditional Draft Pick

The Detroit Red Wings appear to be highly enjoying working out trades with their former star Steve Yzerman, who is now the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Earlier in the week, the Wings traded a late first round pick to the Lightning for former Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kyle Quincey, and it looks like the Wings have made yet another trade with Tampa.

Bob McKenzie of TSN confirmed on Monday that the Red Wings traded defenseman Mike Commodore to the Lightning for a conditional 7th round draft selection. The official Red Wings twitter account confirmed the trade as well, though they called the pick simply a 'conditional draft pick' rather than specifying it would be a seventh rounder.

It's a strange trade, but it could be to free up a roster spot for someone else like Brenden Smith.

The trade deadline will hit Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern time.

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