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Patrick Eaves Injury: Fractured Jaw Healed, But He Could Have A Concussion

Though Patrick Eaves was only set to miss six-to-eight weeks with a fractured jaw, he's now been out for 10 weeks total. is reporting that he's no longer out due to his jaw, that his jaw is healed at this point and if not for other issues, he'd be cleared to play. As it stands, it looks like Eaves has not been cleared for any off-ice activity, let alone getting back to skating, due to what the team thinks is a concussion.

General manager Ken Holland said that Eaves isn't doing great, and said there's no timetable for his return. Eaves has been out since Nov. 26, when he was hit in the ear by a shot against the Nashville Predators. That shot has apparently given him a concussion and he just "doesn't feel right." The team told him he doesn't need to come back until he feels good again.

Eaves isn't a major contributor for the Red Wings, and the team has been doing fine without him, but he does have a presence in the locker room, and a concussion is a scary thing. Especially the kind of concussion that you're still feeling the effects of 10 weeks later.

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