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Niklas Kronwall Not Suspended After Big Hit On Jakub Voracek

Niklas Kronwall feels that his hit on Jakub Voracek on Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers was clean, and the league appears to agree as he was handed no suspension.


Niklas Kronwall is well known for his huge hits in the open ice, laying another one out on Tuesday night during the Wings 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers.

During the second period, Kronwall smashed into Jakub Voracek, who had his head down, straight in the mouth with his shoulder. Kronwall never left his feet, but the Flyers were none too pleased and spent the rest of the game trying to egg him and other Wings players into fights. Voracek was forced to leave to get stitches around his mouth, but Kronwall did not receive a penalty for the play and no suspension was handed down by the NHL as reported by Bob McKenzie on Wednesday morning.

Kronwall himself believes that the hit was clean.

"I haven't seen the replay, but the way I felt about it at the time was he was coming up along the boards and I took a stride forward,'' Kronwall said.

Kronwall believes it was a legal hit, but added, "They'll take a look at it if there's any circumstances that need to be addressed.''

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