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VIDEO: Shea Weber Goes All WWE On Henrik Zetterberg

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As Game 1 of the series between the Red Wings and Predators came to a close, Nashville defenseman Shea Weber delivered a couple cheap shots on Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg. Weber was trying to pin the puck up against the boards to run out the final few seconds, and in the process he decided the best way to keep Zetterberg from stealing it was by punching him in the back of the head and then smashing his head into the glass. It was like a scene out of the WWE. (Video after the jump.)

Here's a GIF of the cheap shots:


Considering how much emphasis there has been in the NHL this season on eliminating head shots, you would think Brendan Shanahan will review this play and consider suspending Weber for Game 2. Then again, if the past has taught us anything, chances are Weber will get off scot-free considering this is the playoffs.

If nothing does end up happening to Weber, it will be fitting given how awful the referees were in Game 1. It wasn't that they favored Nashville, but more along the lines of there being far too many inconsistently-called penalties during the game. Game 1 was not fun to watch, and not just because the Red Wings lost. Neither team was able to get going, and the whistle-happy referees were really to blame.

For Game 2 on Friday, let's hope a different set of refs are in Nashville.

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