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NHL Playoffs 2012: Predators' Shea Weber Fined $2,500 For Henrik Zetterberg Hit, No Suspension

It looks like Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators will have to pay for his actions on Wednesday against the Detroit Red Wings. Weber has been fined by the NHL $2,500 for grabbing Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg and slamming his head into the glass. The $2,500 is the maximum allowed as per the NHL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, but at the same time, it does seem a little low given the fact that intent is unquestionable here.

Rather, the lack of a suspension of any sort is the curious part. A total of 46 games were missed due to players suspended during the regular season and preseason for "illegal hits to the head." That's not including 71 games missed for things like boarding, charging and checking from behind - which can often result in hitting one's head. Another note: it also doesn't include multiple games missed due to players suspended for head-butting.

Then you have the fact that the hit to the head fines are much lower than, say, fines you can get for questioning the NHL, yelling at officials or being "insensitive." At any rate, Weber has been fined and Zetterberg is likely good-to-go for game two, so in the end, minimal harm was actually done.

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