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Darren Helm Injury: Red Wings Forward Still 'Pretty Angry' With Season-Ending Cut

Darren Helm has had a tough couple of months. The Red Wings forward battled through a sprained MCL to return for game one of the playoffs, after having been out since March 17. Helm was expected back in game two, but returned sooner than most thought he would, and proceeded to suffer a nasty cut via Alexander Radulov's skate. It was a deep gash to his arm, and he had surgery to repair lacerated tendons.

And now he's going to miss the rest of the NHL Playoffs, though he's set to make a full recovery. Still, even if the Red Wings make it all the way, seven games in each series, he's not going to return until next season. And for Helm, it's extremely upsetting. The Detroit Free Press had an article with some quotes from Helm on Monday:

"Not really too happy with anything that's going on right now with myself," he said. "I don't think I've really gotten over what happened. I'm still pretty angry with the situation. It still hurts quite a bit. Pain-wise, it still hurts a lot. Having to watch, again, is probably the worst thing of all."

Frankly, it'd be a shocker if Helm wasn't upset about how things have proceeded. The injury itself was a fluke, and there was no intention to cause harm (there generally is not when a cut from a skate occurs), but it's still missed time when the Red Wings need him most against a very tough Nashville squad.

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