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Red Wings' Johan Franzen Suffers Broken Nose In World Championships

Johan Franzen of the Detroit Red Wings recently suffered a broken nose in World Championships play. For more on the Red Wings, head on over to Winging It In Motown.

Bongarts/Getty Images

The Detroit Red Wings may be out of the picture, but that doesn't mean the players are just sitting around licking their wounds. No, they're out playing hockey and, as it happens, acquiring some more wounds to lick in the near future. One such player is Johan Franzen, who recently broke his nose in the World Championships.

Franzen was injured by a cross-check from Dmitri Kalinin in Friday's preliminary game between Sweeden and Russia, a game which Russia won 7-3. It was a pretty nasty hit, and came after Franzen had been speared earlier in the game by Alexei Yemelin. As it happens, both of them were suspended by the IIHF, the former for three games and the latter for one game, according to

As it stands, Franzen should be alright and is only going to miss one game (or is only scheduled to miss one game), Saturday's game against Italy. He's expecting to be ready for the playoff rounds, so Red Wings fans need not worry if they're wanting to see him in action elsewhere. At any rate, it goes to show you that the offseason isn't all rest and relaxation!