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NHL Rumors: Dominik Hasek Planning Comeback, Drawing Interest From Red Wings?

The Detroit Red Wings are looking for a solid backup to Jimmy Howard, with Joey MacDonald being the current favorite to get the job. The guy most people probably weren't thinking of to take the job is Dominik Hasek. Yes, that Dominik Hasek. According to a Czech report, the 47-year-old-but-still-effective goaltending legend Hasek is looking to get back into the NHL, and the Detroit Red Wings are one of the teams on his list.

The report from is in Czech, here's a loosely translated bit of it:

Hockey goalie Dominik Hasek would be after four years to return to the NHL. Sedmačtyřicetiletý goalie planning another comeback, and his clear priority is reportedly the Canadian-American competition.

Information brought daily Sport. Hero of Olympic Games in Nagano and his agent Rich Winter said he had to deal with potentially interested in his services, among which are believed to be Detroit and Buffalo. So clubs, which fielded in the past Hasek.

Hilariously broken internet translated English aside, Hasek would likely be welcomed back into Detroit if he were to take the backup job, though his effectiveness at the NHL level would remain to be seen after so many years out of the loop. Buffalo would probably reject his services with their already set in stone goalie tandem of Ryan Miller and Jhonas Enroth.

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