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Nicklas Lidstrom To Announce Retirement On Thursday, According To Report

It appears that Thursday's press conference with Nicklas Lidstrom will in fact be for him to announce his retirement. As soon as the announcement was made on Wednesday about a press conference with Lidstrom being held, speculation suggested that he was going to retire. Now, word is starting to leak out that Lidstrom is in fact calling it a career, as evidenced by this tweet from former teammate Aaron Ward:

More signs that Lidstrom is retiring come from comments Ken Holland has made. Holland told Nick Cotsonika that he talked to Lidstrom three or four times in the past week because he "wanted to make sure that he had all the necessary time." What's more, Holland said that Lidstrom has come to a decision and that it's a "major decision." There's also this:

We all knew this day would eventually come, but it's hard to believe it may finally be here.

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