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Red Wings Not Interested In Dominik Hasek Right Now

The Detroit Red Wings are in the market for a backup goaltender to compete with current favorite to win the job, Joey MacDonald. Their backup is very important, given the significant time missed by Jimmy Howard in 2011, and MacDonald himself doesn't inspire a lot of confidence when it comes to his health. So the rumors just a few days ago surrounding the potential return of Dominik Hasek picked up some steam.

Hasek wants to come out of retirement, and he mentioned the Red Wings as one of the teams he'd like to play for. But are the Red Wings interested? As it stands, they are not, according to Craig Custance on Twitter:

That's a good way to deny it while still keeping your options open. The fanbase might love it if Hasek returns, and it's true that he still probably has something to offer in a backup role, but his ability in the NHL at this point is a wild card to its very definition. It might not be wise for the Red Wings to get a 47-year-old goaltender to backup two goalies who had significant injuries in 2011, either way.

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