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Winter Classic 2013 Tickets To Go On Sale Soon?

The 2013 Winter Classic was announced almost three months ago, but so far there has been little information on when tickets for the event will go on sale. Demand for the event is extremely high, and Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs fans alike are anxious to find out when they will be able to buy tickets.

NHL COO John Collins provided an update on where things stand with Winter Classic tickets during an interview with Puck Daddy earlier this week. Here's what he had to say:

Have tickets gone on sale yet?

The clubs' [tickets] are going on sale in the next couple of weeks. The demand from sponsors is huge — at least twice as big as any previous Winter Classic. The demand from the clubs is off the charts. Everyone's calling the Detroit box office and the Toronto box office. So we're trying to figure out how many tickets the teams need or can use, and how many we can get into the general marketplace.

The fact that demand is so high is why the decision was made to hold the game at Michigan Stadium rather than Comerica Park. More fans will be able to attend, although Collins said "it's feeling as tight as Citizen's Bank was" a year ago in terms of the demand for tickets. Luckily, you can fit quite a few people into the Big House.

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