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2012 NHL Draft Order: Red Wings Have 6 Picks

The Detroit Red Wings are scheduled to hold six picks in next week's 2012 NHL Draft.

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The 2012 NHL Draft order was announced by the league on Friday afternoon. The NHL Draft is set for next Friday and Saturday in Pittsburgh, although the Detroit Red Wings are not currently scheduled to be involved on Friday. This is because they sent their first-round pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning in a trade for defenseman Kyle Quincey. As a result, the Red Wings currently have the following six picks (they pick 19th in each round):

Round 2 - 49th overall

Round 3 - 80th overall

Round 4 - 110th overall

Round 5 - 140th overall

Round 6 - 170th overall

Round 7 - 200th overall

Of course, the main focus of the draft likely won't end up being on who the Red Wings pick, but rather on what trades develop next weekend. There is expected to be a lot of activity, and the Red Wings should be in the thick of it.

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