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Ryan Suter Rumors: Predators Claim Nobody Tried To Acquire His Rights At Draft

The Pittsburgh Penguins seemingly have been involved in almost every major trade rumor in the last day, including rumors surrounding the rights to Ryan Suter. Although the Nashville Predators at one time were believed to be open to trading Suter's rights before July 1, general manager David Poile dismissed the idea last week. Even so, that didn't stop rumors from persisting in the last day that the Penguins were making a run at trying to acquire the rights to Suter.

While there have been reports that the Penguins either offered a deal for Suter's rights or at the very least had discussions with Nashville about it, Poile says that isn't the case.

What's more, TSN's Bob McKenzie is reporting that Penguins management told him they have no plans to trade for the rights to Suter (or Zach Parise, for that matter). They would rather wait until July 1 like everybody else and take their chances when Suter becomes an unrestricted free agent.

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