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2012 NHL Draft Grades: With No First Round Pick, Detroit Given 'Incomplete' Score By SB Nation

NHL Draft Grades tend to be a bit subjective since there is usually a several year gap from when players are drafted and players getting their first shots in the league. When there aren't any high profile players picked by a team, there's even less to grade. In related news, there wasn't much news from the Detroit Red Wings on Friday evening when the first round of the NHL draft was conducted.

Their lack of a first round pick kept them out of the headlines, and SB Nation's 2012 NHL Draft Grades gave them an 'Incomplete' grade because of a lack of real impact player picks or trades.

Detroit Red Wings: Without a pick in the first round, the Red Wings may face unexpected challenges in free agency if the trade market at the draft is any indication. INCOMPLETE

That's likely a jab at the Wings being interested in the biggest name free agents on the market this off season, mainly Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils. That's one that will have to be solved as the off season goes along though. If the draft is any indication, the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to bid high on pretty much everyone.

For more perspective on the Red Wings' picks, check out Winging It In Motown. For more on the 2012 NHL Draft, check in with SB Nation Detroit's StoryStream and SB Nation's NHL hub.