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Rick Nash Trade Rumors: Red Wings Reportedly Inquired About Deal With Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been receiving interest in forward Rick Nash for quite some time now, but so far they have not pulled the trigger on any trade offers. This is because their asking price is believed to be quite high, and no team has offered enough to acquire Nash just yet.

With Nash not being traded yet, there is still lots of speculation about which team could make a move to acquire him. The Detroit Red Wings have not been mentioned too often in this speculation since they are in the same division as Columbus, but Helene St. James reports that they recently inquired about a potential deal for Nash.

Considering how high Columbus' asking price already is for Nash, it's tough to even fathom how much the Red Wings would have to give up to make a deal happen. It would probably be so much that it wouldn't even make a deal worthwhile, but I suppose there was no harm for the Red Wings in asking.

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