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Ryan Suter Will Be At His Farm When NHL Free Agency Opens

When NHL free agency opens on Sunday, you can bet that one of the first phone calls the Detroit Red Wings will make is to defenseman Ryan Suter. He is believed to be their top target, and many think he will ultimately end up signing with the Red Wings.

Although Suter is certainly going to be one of the top free agents on the open market, he is taking a simple approach to the process. He is not going to require in-person presentations from interested teams, and Neil Sheehy, his agent, says that Suter will actually be on his farm when free agency opens.

It's unclear right now what kind of timetable Suter will have for a decision. He is sure to receive several offers, but will he take a few days, a couple weeks or possibly even longer to choose a team? It remains to be seen, but the ideal scenario for the Red Wings would be to find out Suter's decision shortly after free agency opens. What he decides to do will play a big part in what the rest of the Red Wings' offseason looks like, so from that standpoint, the sooner they hear a decision the better.

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