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NHL Free Agency: Ryan Suter Ready To Hit Open Market

This is not breaking news by any means, but defenseman Ryan Suter is going to hit the open market on Sunday. This has essentially been a given for a while now, but Neil Sheehy, Suter's agent, confirmed to the Associated Press on Saturday that his client is for sure going to test free agency.

Neil Sheehy told The Associated Press on Saturday that he doesn't know where Suter will sign, but added the player will keep the Predators "in the mix."

Every situation is obviously different, but it seems unlikely that Suter would test free agency only to later re-sign with the Nashville Predators. This isn't a situation where Suter is hitting the open market to gauge his worth, as he is one of the top free agents and will be paid as so. It's really a matter of what team will be the best fit for Suter for the next part of his career.

For those in Detroit, the hope is obviously that the Red Wings will be considered the best fit in Suter's mind, but with so many teams expected to offer him a deal, it's certainly not a slam dunk that he will choose to wear the winged wheel.

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