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2012 NHL Free Agency: Red Wings' Mike Babcock Ready To Fly Anywhere To Help Seal A Deal

Much has been said thus far regarding the Detroit Red Wings and their free agency needs. They're a team that has dominated for years but is now starting to look a bit weaker at some places more than others, and injuries have been particularly destructive for them. Most figure they'll be very active in the free agent market, and it's hard to imagine that they won't be.

The team has said that they plan to keep youth in their plans when it comes to free agency, but one can expect them to be very active, regardless. Just how ready are they, though? The official website has something to say about that, regarding head coach Mike Babcock:

"I'm in a position to fly wherever they want me to fly," Babcock told the NHL Network Thursday from his home in Saskatchewan. "We're a work in progress, so we're talking each and every day about the moves that we're trying to make, and we kind of have an A Plan, a B Plan, a C Plan, and we've probably got even a D Plan. I'm just going to be ready to go."

Babcock is ready to get on a plane as soon as he needs to if it will help him lock up a deal with any potential free agents. It often says a lot to a player when the coach flies out to meet with you as opposed to the other way around, so it's definitely a good sign that Babcock is ready to go and try and seal any potential deals.

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