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Ryan Suter Rumors: Decision Reportedly Unlikely On Sunday

It's amazing how quickly things can change. Just a short time ago, there was talk that free agent Ryan Suter had not only made his decision, but that he had picked the Detroit Red Wings. I was getting ready to run down the streets celebrating the news, but quickly it became evident that the report wasn't accurate. Suter's agent shot down the rumor by telling the media that a decision had not been made, and now we are once again playing a waiting game.

It looks like this waiting game will continue into Monday, because now a decision isn't expected to be made at all on Sunday.

The good news is that even though a decision still may be a day away, Nick Kypreos is reporting that "some on inside say" Suter is leaning toward the Red Wings. Of course, as we found out earlier, that may not mean a whole lot right now, but if nothing else, at least the Red Wings are squarely still in the mix to land Suter.

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