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Zach Parise Rumors: List Of Teams Narrowed Down, Decision Coming On Monday

Monday could either be a really awesome or really awful day for the Detroit Red Wings. Not only is defenseman Ryan Suter set to make his decision on Monday, but so is forward Zach Parise. The two free agents have spent Sunday fielding offers, and both players are expected to make a final decision on Monday after having a bit more time to think things over.

For Parise, his decision on Monday will come after he reconvenes with his agents in the morning to further discuss the offers he has received, according to Michael Russo. Parise has already narrowed the list of teams he is considering, according Bob McKenzie, so the process of coming to a decision is progressing.

If the Detroit Red Wings turn out to not be one of the teams still in the mix to land Parise, chances are word will leak out. Right now, there has been no indication that the Red Wings are out of the mix, so let's hope it stays that way.

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