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Red Wings Sign Mikael Samuelsson To 2-Year Deal

The Detroit Red Wings have made another signing on the first day of NHL free agency, and this one involves a familiar face with them signing forward Mikael Samuelsson to a two-year deal. The move was first reported by TSN's Gord Miller, and TSN's Bob McKenzie reports that the deal is for $6 million and includes a full no-trade clause.

Samuelsson spent the last three seasons playing for the Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers. He originally went to Vancouver after leaving the Red Wings following the 2008-09 season. His departure came after four solid seasons in Detroit, and now he will once be wearing the winged wheel.

This move is a bit out of left field, but as Helene St. James noted on Twitter, the Red Wings didn't want to lose him three years ago, so I'm sure they're glad he's back.

Probably the most surprising thing is the inclusion of a no-trade clause. The Red Wings aren't in the business of trading away veteran players who have been with the team before, of course, but it means the Red Wings are essentially locked in to keeping Samuelsson for the duration of his two-year deal.

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