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Tomas Holmstrom To Decide Future By 'Next Week'

On Wednesday afternoon, the Detroit Red Wings and Tomas Holmstrom announced that the two sides would be coming to a decision on the 15-year veteran's future by next week at the latest.

Considering that he is getting up there in age and that his good friend Nicklas Lidstrom retired earlier this offseason, there are plenty of components that need to be considered before this decision is made. Via

"I wanted to give him a lot of time (to think about it)," Holland said. "It's been tough for him. His best friend was Nick Lidstrom. And he sees a lot of the players he grew up with have retired. He's battled. He's played a hard 1,000 games.

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland plans to meet with Holmstrom in the coming days.

"I want to sit and talk to him," Holland said. "Homer knows there's a lot of competition. No one knows as well as Homer does of how hard he's worked and how hard he has competed and how hard he's gone to the hard areas for over 1,000 games since 1996.

"That's a conversation that him and I need to have and talk it over."

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