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Shane Doan Rumors: 4 Or 5 Teams Have Submitted Formal Offers

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Free-agent forward Shane Doan is drawing quite a bit of interest on the open market. According to Terry Bross, Doan's agent, the free agent has had 16 teams in the NHL inquire about his services. What's more, "four or five teams" have submitted formal offers to Doan, who is still considering the option of simply re-signing with the Phoenix Coyotes.

The Detroit Red Wings are believed to be one of the teams that have offered Doan a deal. It became evident after Zach Parise signed with the Minnesota Wild that Doan is the Red Wings' backup plan at forward. They haven't expressed a ton of interest in free agent Alexander Semin, and currently trade talks regarding Rick Nash and Bobby Ryan don't appear to be going anywhere.

The Red Wings would probably like to find out something soon about what Doan plans to do, but there isn't a clear timetable for a decision right now. Doan's agent did say that they aren't waiting for July 16, as some had speculated. There will perhaps be more information out about the Coyotes' future in Arizona on that day, but Doan apparently isn't waiting for that.

Even if Doan does opt to leave the Coyotes, there's obviously no guarantee he will land in Detroit. With there being quite a bit of interest in him across the league, the Red Wings will have to hope that Doan sees them as not only a contender for the Stanley Cup, but also a good fit for the final years of his career.

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