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Tomas Holmstrom Only Wants To Play For The Detroit Red Wings

Over the next week, Tomas Holmstrom and the Detroit Red Wings will be meeting to determine the fate of the 39-year-old forward to see if the two sides can come to an agreement on what seemingly would be Holmstrom's final professional contract in North America.

Some outlets have speculated that Holmstrom may be too old for the Red Wings' plans and he would be forced to play with another franchise. However, Holmstrom has made it clear that he will either be playing in Detroit next season or he won't be playing at all. Via the Detroit News:

A report on the Swedish website suggested otherwise.

"Not true at all," Holmstrom said. "It's playing in Detroit, or nowhere else."

Holmstrom is training as he has the past 15 summers preparing for an NHL schedule. But he isn't sure if he's ready for the grind of another season.

"I appreciate Kenny giving me this time to think about things," Holmstrom said. "I'm training, I'm working out. But a lot of it depends on my health, my knees."

Holmstrom went on to add that he isn't concerned about his role being affected because he believes he still can help the team with his contributions.

He has spent all 15 of his NHL seasons with the Red Wings, playing in 1,026 games over that span.

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