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Red Wings Rumors: No In-Person Visits Planned For Monday

All is quiet right now on the Ryan Suter and Zach Parise front. While a decision is expected from both players at some point on Monday, at this time no decisions have been made. Both players are still sorting through the offers they have been presented, and it is possible this could carry over into Tuesday.

As Suter and Parise continue to try and figure out what they are going to do, the plan of not having any teams meet with them in person has remain unchanged. The Detroit Red Wings were hoping to meet with both players on Sunday, but Suter wasn't interested in hosting teams for visits and Parise's agent canceled all of his client's meetings when the amount of interest became too high.

Even though no visits happened on Sunday, the Red Wings were hoping to be able to make an in-person sales pitch to Suter on Monday, but as of right now no visits are scheduled.

Right now everybody is playing a waiting game. Not only are the teams still in contention for Suter and Parise waiting to see what happens, but so is the rest of the league. The two biggest dominoes need to fall before the rest of the market can really start to take shape, and until Suter and Parise make their decisions, there likely won't be a ton of notable activity around the NHL.

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