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NHL Trade Rumors: Red Wings 'In The Running' For Rick Nash

Just as the talk of the Detroit Red Wings being a legitimate threat to land Zach Parise is starting to die down, talk of the Red Wings being a legitimate threat to trade for Rick Nash is starting to heat up. Last week when rumors of the Red Wings' interest in a possible trade for Nash first popped up, the possibility of anything actually happening was sort of dismissed. It didn't seem like the Columbus Blue Jackets would seriously consider making a trade within the division, and it also didn't seem like the Red Wings would be willing to offer enough to land Nash.

Now, the tone of these rumblings about the Red Wings and Nash seem to be shifting a bit. On Sunday, there were various reports indicating that the Red Wings are interested in making a deal happen, and on Monday, The Columbus Dispatch's Aaron Portzline reported that Detroit is in fact "in the running" to acquire Nash.

Detroit is in the running. Yes, the Red Wings, the should-be Central Division rival of the Blue Jackets. We're told the Blue Jackets would swallow hard and trade him to Detroit, knowing they'd face him six times per season for the next, what, 22 years? Really, Nash probably has 10 seasons left, but for disheartened, demoralized Blue Jackets fans it would seem that kind or torment. Many have asked what the Red Wings would possibly offer. That's unclear, and we won't speculate.

I'm still skeptical that the Red Wings will be able to pull off a trade without giving up way too much for Nash. Then again, if they are unable to land somebody like Zach Parise, perhaps they will decide that moving some players in exchange for a top talent like Nash would be worthwhile. I suppose only time will tell.

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