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Zach Parise Rumors: No Decision Has Been Made Yet

"Parise Watch" isn't over yet. When word got out that Zach Parise was set to meet with the media late Monday afternoon, the thinking was that a decision had been made. All day there had been speculation and rumors about certain teams emerging in the Parise sweepstakes, and while there may be a team that Parise is leaning toward signing with, no actual decisions have been made just yet.

Parise declined to establish a specific timetable for a decision, but he did indicate that it should be coming in the "near future." Of course, Parise may have a different definition of "near future" than others, so there's really no telling when he will come to a decision.

Here are some highlights from Parise's media session:

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland told the Free Press just before Parise's media session that the team hadn't been told anything about a possible decision. In that sense, it's good news that Parise hasn't actually decided anything yet, because if he had made up his mind and the Red Wings hadn't heard anything, chances are he wouldn't be signing with Detroit.

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