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Ryan Suter Free Agency Rumors: No Decision Will Be Made On Monday

It looks like both "Parise Watch" and "Suter Watch" are rolling on into Tuesday. On Monday afternoon, Zach Parise said that he had not yet made a decision about his future and still needed time to think things over. While a decision could be made on Monday night, the more likely scenario is for nothing to happen until Tuesday at the earliest. Suter is in the same boat, as no decisions will be made until Tuesday at the earliest, according to a statement released by his agent on Monday night.

As things stand on Monday night, it's not clear when either player will make a decision and pick a team to sign with. Parise seems to be closer to a decision than Suter based simply on the above statement, but that might not be saying much.

For now, the waiting game is continuing for the Detroit Red Wings and other teams still in the mix for Suter and Parise.

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